Ceilidh Dancing with Thrales

Join Thrales Rapper and Clog for a fantastic Saturday afternoon ceilidh –a fun and fascinating way of learning new dances and getting the blood pumping.

Djembe Drumming on La Coupée

The djembe is a West African drum played with bare hands – the word djembe can be translated as ‘gathering in peace’. Join Stu Ogier to sound out the drums across La Coupée.

Traditional Singaround

Join festival organisers Mick Le Huray and Claire Rakich for the annual Saturday morning singaround. All are welcome and joining in the singing isn’t obligatory!


Local Language and Culture

Giernesias and Serquiais

Learn a few phrases in Guernsey and Sark’s own language with Jan Marquis.

Jerriais & Bachin ringing

Join Tony Scott and Geraint Jennings who will be holding sessions in Jèrriais (Jersey language) and traditional bachîn ringing (come and have a go!).






Ribotrie (Guernsey)

The word Ribotrie (pronounced ree-bot-tree) means ‘a lively gathering or stirring up’ in Guernesiais and the format of a Ribotrie is similar to that of a Celtic Ceilidh, Breton Fest Noz or the French Bal Folk.

Hosted by James Dumbelton, there will be dances from Guernsey, Normandy, Brittany, Central France and Cornwall, all accompanied to live music. No experience necessary. This is a fun, social event for everyone.



In the Bellows – Puppet Show

Choose your tale and let your eyes and ears be enthralled by forgotten stories and songs as old as the hills. With live music and beautifully-wrought puppetry, this is theatre for those who like stories and storytelling for those who like theatre